Erfolg in London – Kritiken

Tanja Tetzlaff war am 2. Februar mit ihrem Bruder Christian und dem Pianisten Lars Vogt in der Royal Festival Hall mit dem Tripelkonzert von Beethoven unter der Leitung von Parvo Järvi und dem Philharmonia Orchestra zu erleben.
Einige Online-Magazine beschreiben folgende schöne Eindrücke:

„..the first movement in Sinfonia concertante style but in the central Largo Tanja Tetzlaff announced the tune with utmost gentility before Christian Tetzlaff and Lars Vogt expanded it in their different ways.“ (Anthony Hodges,

„I was very impressed with the lyricism which the string players brought to the work and the close rapport between all three soloists. (…) The Philharmonia’s strings brought warmth and intimacy to the Largo second movement before Tanja Tetzlaff entered with a highly expressive, heartfelt melody.  Vogt played the meandering piano figurations with enormous sensitivity while Christian Tetzlaff and his sister sustained the melodic line beautifully.“ (Robert Beattie,

„Controlling the emotional register of this performance was cellist Tanja Tetzlaff. Assembled from a motley array of constituents, her performance reflected the Beethovenian course that runs the gamut of Classical to Romantic to presciently Modern and back to Romantic again.“ (Sophia Lambton,